Reasons You Need Vitamin C Supplements

09 Aug


Vitamin C is a nutrient that is a water-soluble nutrient and is found in fruits and vegetables like kiwi fruit, spinach and many more.  Vitamin C is believed to mitigate the severeness of a common cold.  Those who take vitamin C supplements have a lower chance of getting affected by cancer, but this is yet to be tested and proved by reputable researchers. Rumors have it that vitamin C prevent eye diseases.  Those who suffer from lead toxicity are believed to have low levels of vitamin C in their blood.  These are the health benefits of vitamin C that have been tested and approved by medical practitioners for you to begin using vitamin C supplements.

 The antioxidant nature of vitamin C that promotes the immunity of your body from severe illnesses like heart disease.  There are  low amounts of free radicals in a body that has enough supply of vitamin C.  When free radicals buildup in the body they stimulate oxidative stress. The majority of chronic illnesses are caused by oxidative stress.

 Patients who have hypertension need vitamin C supplements to lower the pressure of blood in the blood vessels. Vitamin C  and has elements that relax the blood vessels that allow the flow of blood into the heart. The relaxation of the blood vessels lowest rate at which type of blood to normal so that the rate at which the heart pumps blood is also regulated. Learn more info from DR Wilson's Adrenal Rebuilder UK.

 There is a minimal chance of someone who has enough vitamin C to get heart diseases. This nutrient lowers the levels of factors that lead to heart diseases in the body.

 The accumulation of uric acid increases the chances of one getting Gout infection.  Gout is another type of arthritis which causes joints to swell and chronic pain, especially in the joints of the big toes.

   Vitamin C make the absorption of iron from the food that you eat m.  Patients of anemia need enough iron; therefore, they need vitamin C supplements.

 It promotes the production of white blood cells which are the immune system of the body.  The white blood cells are protected from damage by harmful molecules such as the free radicals. Vitamin C promote the defense mechanism of the skin.  Patients of pneumonia need vitamin C supplements because low levels of vitamin C cause pneumonia.

Vitamin C protects the memory of an aging person. When oxidative stress occurs the brain, spine, and nerves it causes inflammation on the parts thus increasing the risk of getting dementia.  Vitamin C supplements can help patients of dementia to an improved the ability to think and remember. Check out this page for further details: 

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